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New brewery in Design District tips its glass to iconic Dallas

New brewery in Design District tips its glass to iconic Dallas

Pegasus City Brewery
Good news for craft beer fans — a new brewery is coming to Dallas' Design District. Photo courtesy of Pegasus City Brewery

We bring positive craft beer tidings with the news of Pegasus City Brewery, which is opening in Dallas in early 2017. Pegasus City was founded by three friends — brewmaster Will Cotten, marketing director Christopher Weiss, and creative director Adrian Cotten — who quit their day jobs a couple of months ago to take their home brewing hobby to the next level.

They've netted a great building in the Design District at 2222 Vantage St., in the former Vantage Shoe Warehouse, which moved to Farmers Branch eight weeks ago.

They state that their intent at Pegasus City is not to make hop-forward or bitter beers, but instead ales and lagers of better quality than the commercial beers they were already drinking.

The trio has a slogan and defining principle that they call "porch approved," a reference to the samplings they shared from their porch in the Cedars district neighborhood, where they developed their brews. If the samples won over the neighbors, they knew they were on the right track.

In addition to the beers, they've addressed other elements of their operation, including the sale of glasses, hoodies, and other merchandise; and a logo inspired by the Pegasus sign from the Magnolia building downtown, as well as the Art Deco architecture and design of the State Fair grounds.

"We want to become the ambassador beer of this city, and by championing its greatest symbol, we proclaim that," they state. "Adopting one of Dallas’ most iconic symbols aligns us with much of what is great about this city: the arts district, trail systems, bike paths, proud local businesses, and neighborhoods. We are deeply rooted in Dallas as individuals, and so is our company."