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Dallas-based Paciugo Gelato adds a little something extra to new sorbet

Dallas-based Paciugo Gelato adds something extra to new sorbet

Paciugo peach bellini sorbet
Paciugo peach bellini sorbet Paciugo

Paciugo Gelato has introduced a new flavor aimed for New Year's-style celebrations and more: Peach Bellini Sorbet, currently available at all locations.

The flavor was created by Paciugo VP Diego Comparin with owners Jeff and Courtney Sinelli; Paciugo was acquired by Sinelli Concepts International a little more than a year ago, and the flavor is their first new product splash since the company changed hands.

The Peach Bellini Sorbet is conceived not only as a treat to consume on its own but also as an option to pair with champagne, Prosecco, or other sparkling wines, for an instant frozen bellini.

"I'm looking forward to counting down to the new year with one in my hand this New Year's Eve," Courtney says.

The flavor was made with white peaches from France, says brand manager Jeremy Cook. "That's not something you can ordinarily get here," he says. "We're looking forward to bringing in exotic flavors from around the world."

They're also experimented on a version that's spiked. "We made one with alcohol that tastes exactly like a bellini in sorbet form, although the non-alcoholic version is equally good," Courtney says.

Alcohol is an area in which they saw potential for innovation.

"We still want to offer authentic Italian high-quality gelato, but part of our more creative R&D efforts have been to explore flavors with alcohol, like limoncello and rose," she says.

They would sell these flavors at the Lovers Lane location.

"Our plan for Lovers Lane is to renovate and make it a whole new experience," Courtney says. "We've applied for a liquor license so we can try versions with alcohol, and offer an 'after dark' version of sorbet with actual Prosecco. We're thinking about doing a European-style café, where we could provide something for everyone — where you could get gelato but also a glass of wine and maybe even a little bit of food."

The peach bellini sorbet seemed like a great place to start. "I'm a champagne lover, so bellini was the first one I wanted to do," she says.