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Drinks fly at Johnny Manziel during night out at Houston club

Drinks fly at Johnny Manziel during night out at Houston club

Johnny Manziel Dekan Houston Jan 2015
This photo was posted to Manziel's friend's Twitter account and shows the group after they had returned to the club following the incident. @stickypromo / Twitter

Johnny Manziel, who's already received attention for partying hard in the new year, reportedly became engaged in a situation that escalated into a Real Housewives-type altercation, with drinks in the air.

On Sunday night, Manziel and several friends went to Dekan Houston nightclub on Washington Avenue. According to reports in TMZ and other media outlets, the unpleasant situation began when one of Manziel's friends asked clubgoers to stop taking photos of the Cleveland Browns quarterback, especially while using a flash. Although it may seem like a diva move to some, Manziel had been warned by the Browns not to let people take photos of him in bars.

TMZ spoke with a friend of Manziel's, known as J.R., who was with him at the club that night. He said hecklers were shouting at Manziel and aggressively tried to take photos of him. At some point, J.R. said Manziel gave one of the hecklers the middle finger, an action that led to drinks flying.

"I ducked and I looked at Johnny and we grabbed security and they ran us out of there," J.R. said.

After changing clothes at their hotel, the group returned to Dekan. By that time, club security had reportedly booted the hecklers from the premises.