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Johnny Manziel's girlfriend under fire for partying hard after his rehab release

Manziel's party-time girlfriend under fire after his rehab release

Johnny Manziel's girlfriend has received a great deal of criticism on social media for continuing to party hard in spite of her boyfriend's recent release from rehab.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback was seen with girlfriend Colleen Crowley for the first time since he entered rehab when the pair attended the Texas Rangers game in Arlington on Tuesday night. Manziel voluntarily entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility on January 28 and was released on April 11.

But Crowley — who has accrued nearly 140,000 followers since becoming Manziel's girlfriend — apparently has no intention of changing her ways. She posted a video to her Instagram of enjoying a night out with friends where she appears to be quite inebriated. The video enraged a lot of Crowley's followers who feel that she isn't exactly setting a good example for someone freshly released from rehab. 

"F*** you for putting this up after the money man (Manziel) got out of rehab," commented one Instagram user.

"Significant others are the #1 reason that people fail outside rehab," wrote another user. "If you are in rehab, then you have an addictive personality and the drug councilors will atest (sic) that one addiction is as good as another for triggering an addict into relapsing."

Although many social media followers have been critical, not everyone was quite as harsh. "It's your life, keep doin you and forget the haters," one user wrote.

Manziel, whose drinking and partying had been a concern since the start of his rookie season last July, is apparently staying away from alcohol as he was seen drinking only water at the Rangers game. On April 17 he released a statement thanking his team and his fans for their support and calling his doctors and staff "amazing."

"What I've learned in the last couple of months has been tremendous," he said. "I take full responsibility for my actions and it's my intention to work very hard to regain everyone's trust and respect."

The former Texas A&M University star will be forced to compete with Josh McCown — who just signed a $14 million contract that covers the next three seasons — for the Browns starting quarterback position.

Johnny Manziel Colleen Crowley Rangers game April 2015
Johnny Manziel at a Rangers game with gal pal Colleen Crowley. Lockerdome