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Dallas Love Field shuts down deteriorating runway for major repairs

Dallas Love Field shuts down deteriorating runway for major repairs

Dallas Love Field airport
The effect on air travel is expected to be minimal, but getting in and out of the airport could be more crowded. Dallas Love Field

Dallas Love Field is shutting down one of its runways so that it can be rebuilt.

If you're counting your runways, it's Runway 13R-31L, nearest to Denton Drive. A release says that the runway, which has been in place for 20 years, has "reached the end of its useful life."

The surface has deteriorated due to increased traffic since the expiration of the Wright Amendment, plus heavier aircraft these days. The deterioration presents possible safety concerns.

The renovation includes building new connector taxiways to the runway and upgrades to the airport's storm drainage system.

The runway will be closed for 10 months beginning April 27, and is scheduled to end in February 2022.

The runway is primarily used for commercial operations, so the effct on air travel is expected to be minimal. However, the airport warns that travelers may experience delays traveling in and out of the airport.

During the closure, airport traffic will move over to Runway 13L-31R, which is closest to Lemmon Avenue. An environmental assessment, required by the Federal Aviation Administration, found there would be "No Significant Impact."

However, they predict that neighbors in the area east of the airport will experience a slight increase in noise exposure, since all activity is moving to that side.

Dallas Love Field has been undergoing a major renovation through the Love Field Modernization Program, which includes a terminal renovation, plus the addition of a new concourse, ticketing hall, and baggage claim.