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Fantastical Fredericksburg 'tree house' roots among most popular Airbnb rentals

Fantastical Fredericksburg tree house roots among most popular Airbnbs

Looking for an escape? (Aren't we all?) Lucky for Dallas travelers, one of the nation's most popular Airbnb destinations is just a few hours away. The home rental site released its most popular vacation destinations for Labor Day, and the quaint Hill Country town of Fredericksburg was among the 10 most popular spots for a holiday getaway.

In analyzing the trends this year, Airbnb examined user data from August 1-20, and says it found some interesting anomalies. Gone are the big-city getaways — those dropped from 40 percent over Labor Day 2019 to just 20 percent in 2020 — and international travel. Instead, says the company, travelers are largely sticking close to home, with the majority choosing destinations less than 300 miles from where they live.

"This fall, as consumers adapt to a new world of travel and prioritize control over their travel experience, they are continuing to seek out new and distinctive experiences, even in their own backyards," writes Airbnb. 

In exchange for this close-to-home trend, travelers are looking for unique lodgings, picking experiential stays, like yurts and house boats over traditional homes or apartments.

"Shepherd’s huts have nearly doubled in inclusions in July compared to last year, with others showing similar growth: barns (up 60 percent), cabins (up 40 percent), and cottages (up 30 percent)," says Airbnb. "Of the top 20 most wish listed listings globally in August, five of them are tree houses, three are tiny houses, two are domes, and others include a hut, a cabin, a cottage, and a cave."

According to Airbnb's analysis, it's actually a tree house that has rooted among Fredrickburg's most requested vacation spots. The one-bedroom, one-bath "Live Oak Treehouse" features a cozy reading nook, hammock, patio with Hill Country treetop views, kitchenette, stylish bathroom, and even a hot tub.

And though it's a one-bedroom, the king-size bed comes appointed with organic sheets and is surrounded with a mosquito net and twinkle lights. The whole space is currently listed at $339 per night and comes with a cleaning protocol.

If spending the weekend in the treetops isn't your thing, Airbnb pulled a few more of the area's most wishlist-ed properties, including this pump house, which has been converted into a guest house complete with limestone walls and industrial features, and a contemporary ranch-style guest house nestled on a nearby homestead. Or, spend your staycation in one of the historic cottages for which Fredericksburg is famous.

Looking for a vacation outside of Texas? Here are the other popular destinations on Airbnb's unranked list: 

  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  • Big Bear Lake, California
  • Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Orange Beach, Alabama
  • Dolly Parton's hometown of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, thus proving the incomparable power of the beloved country star.