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Famed Texas Hill Country brewery adds boutique inn to sprawling property

Famed Hill Country brewery adds boutique inn to sprawling property

The Tipping T Inn Waller House
One of the cabins — The Waller House — is an early 1900s bungalow that was moved from East Austin to the property. Photo courtesy of The Tipping T Inn

There's only one downside to a weekend of beer tasting in the Texas Hill Country — someone always has to be the designated driver. What if you could spend a sunny Saturday afternoon (or Wednesday, who cares!) imbibing, only to take a short walk to your bedroom? Jester King is making that dream come true with its newest acquisition — a boutique inn. 

The Tipping T Inn is a five-unit hotel adjacent to Jester King's sprawling 165-acre property in far West Austin, and includes private gate access to both the brewery and kitchen. Though the brewery actually acquired the space in 2019, the news is only just now being announced to coincide with Jester King's 10th anniversary. 

Tipping T Inn is comprised of five "houses" — Waterloo, Bunting, Armadillo, Hummingbird, and Waller — each with its own unique amenities. Accommodations range in size from two to up to 10 guests.

Along with guest accommodations, the inn features a shared modern bathhouse, the Tejas Pavilion, which is only available to inn guests and accessible by a key card. There is also an event space on the property available to rent. 

Houses on the property are brewing with their own unique histories. Waller House, one of the largest cabins on the property, was originally built in Central Austin in the 1900s, according to the website. In the 1930s, it was moved to the east side before eventually making its way to the Tipping Inn property. Its classic bungalow style sleeps up to eight, including two bedrooms and a "sleeping nook."

The rambling, single-story Hummingbird House is original to the property. Like the Waller House, it sleeps up to eight, but has porches along three side as well as a private "moonlight" shower in the back. The Waterloo and Armadillo cabins and Tejas Pavilion also have historical roots and were built using East Texas pine. 

Reservations for the Tipping T, located at 13127 Fitzhugh Rd., are now available, and range in price from $130 per night for the smaller Bunting House to $275 for the Hummingbird House. Dogs are welcome, but must be crated if left alone in the room and on a leash if outside. 

Like everything, there are COVID-19 restrictions in place at both the brewery and the hotel. To make a reservation at Jester King, which has set up socially distanced outdoor seating across its 165 acres, head here. To read about the Tipping T Inn's health polices, head here.