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Dallas Arboretum adds more Chihuly Nights for December, just in case you still haven't been

News_Through the Looking Glass_Dale Chihuly_Ikebana Boat
The Dallas Arboretum has added Sunday to Chihuly Nights in December. Photo via Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Dallas, Dallas Arboretum, Chihuly, Autumn at the Arboretum, Rod Lindley, Melisa Ambers
The exhibit has been a huge boon for the arboretum, with attendance up 30 percent.  Photo by Rod Lindley
News_Through the Looking Glass_Dale Chihuly_Ikebana Boat
Dallas, Dallas Arboretum, Chihuly, Autumn at the Arboretum, Rod Lindley, Melisa Ambers
Dallas, Dallas Arboretum, Autumn at the Arboretum, Chihuly, Rod Lindley, Melisa Ambers

People really love looking at colored glass. After the Dallas Arboretum extended the Chihuly exhibit past its original six-month run, all of the November night events sold out. 

Now the arboretum has announced it will expand the Chihuly Nights in December to include Sunday, in addition to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

 The Chihuly exhibit has brought in around $4.5 million for the Dallas Arboretum.

Because it’s also Christmas season, the arboretum is putting on its Artistry of the Nativity exhibit in the DeGolyer house from 6-8 pm, Sunday-Wednesday, in December.

On the weekends beginning November 23, children (and adults, I guess) can visit Santa from noon to 4 pm and get photos with Rudolph and Frosty and a live reindeer. I thought Rudolph was a live reindeer, but now I don’t know what to believe.

The Chihuly exhibit has been tremendously successful for the arboretum and brought in around $4.5 million during its initial run.

Chihuly Nights will run 6 to 9 pm Monday through Wednesday and Sundays in December. 

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