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Zombie Trinity toll road supporters and more city news around Dallas this week

Zombie toll road supporters and more city news around Dallas this week

Shaun of the Dead zombies
Guess the nickname for Trinity toll road supporters.
Trinity toll road
Insert Trinity toll road photo here. Courtesy photo
Oak Cliff streetcar
Learn all about the Dallas Streetcar on March 12. Brookville Equipment Corp.
Shaun of the Dead zombies
Trinity toll road
Oak Cliff streetcar

Weather was a big story this week, but it wasn't the only news in Dallas. There's things happening already in anticipation of the upcoming city election in May. And, of course, a requisite Trinity toll road item; no city-news roundup is complete without. Here are the highlights:

Candidate forums
With all candidates now in, forums are starting to sprout. The Dallas City Council Political Forum is a comprehensive one that welcomes all candidates for mayor and city council. It takes place March 7, 1-3 pm, at the New Hope Baptist Church (5002 SM Wright Fwy.). It's a non-partisan event that's free and open to all.

Moderator is Matt Houston, chairman of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, and "yes" RSVPs so far include Eric LeMonte Williams/District 8, Tiffinni Young/District 7, Juanita Wallace/District 7, Casey Thomas/District 3, Wini Cannon/District 3 and Carolyn Arnold/District 4.

Candidate funds
Running for political office costs money. But how much if you're running for the Dallas City Council? This nifty report says you should budget about $100,000. That number is an average of how much money was spent on campaigns in the 2013 election. The best part about this seemingly large chunk of dough is that most of it is spent on little things like printing, mailing and signs. 

Toll taking
Trinity toll road angst bubbled up during the Dallas City Council meeting on March 4 when council member Scott Griggs criticized the toll road as a boondoggle that would neither improve economic conditions in South Dallas nor improve traffic. City attorney Warren Ernst warned the council not to debate the topic because it was not on the agenda, but that didn't stop supporters such as Rick Callahan, Jerry Allen and Sheffie Kadane from chiming in.

Kadane scolded council member Philip Kingston for calling toll road supporters "zombies," then ate Kingston's flesh. Just kidding, he didn't really do that.

A helpful chart was created by graphic designer Frances Yllana that helps make the toll road situation simpler to grasp. A picture's worth 1,000 words; see it here.

Streetcar how-to
An open house to discuss the new Dallas Streetcar was delayed a week due to snow — which means, yay, you can attend after all. It takes place March 12, 5-8 pm, at Methodist Dallas Medical Center's Hit Auditorium (1441 N. Beckley Ave.). The purpose of the event is to inform residents and businesses of the new, free public transit options, and to educate walkers, drivers, bikers and streetcar riders about how to safely interact with the Dallas Streetcar and its environment. The streetcar will be rolling by May.

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