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A couple of unexpected Texas 'hoods rank among America's richest ZIP codes

A couple of unexpected Texas 'hoods rank among richest U.S. ZIP codes

One Park Place apartment condo Houston
A condo in Houston's 77010 ZIP code — the second wealthiest in the country. OneParkPlaceHouston.com

When you think of the richest ZIP codes in Texas, the first thing you picture is ... the Panhandle? Only two Texas neighborhoods rank among the 50 wealthiest ZIP codes in the United States — and one in particular is rather surprising.

According to a recent study conducted by the Movoto real estate blog, 77010 in Houston is the No. 2 richest ZIP code, with an average per capita income of $212,325 (based on statistics from the Census' American Community Survey for 2008 to 2012). Located downtown, this 'hood isn't what many think of when it comes to affluence in the sprawling metropolis (like, say, River Oaks). Only 342 people live in the area, where downtown penthouses can go for millions. 

But the kicker? The only other Texas city to crack the top 50 was 79033 in Farnsworth. Located at the very top of the Panhandle, the ZIP code comes in at No. 30, with a tiny population of 30 and a per capita income of $118,870. Farnsworth is nestled in Ochiltree County, which has a per capita income of $54,671, according the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

As for the No. 1 wealthiest ZIP code in the U.S., the residents of 21056 in Gibson Island, Maryland, have median income of $264,393 per capita a year, a whopping $52,000 more than the No. 2 Houston ZIP code. Neighborhoods in Harborside, Maine; Diablo, California; and Anchorage, Alaska round out the top five.