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Our launch party, hot restaurant news and TEDxSMU: The 5 most popular stories this week

The Hall of State at Fair Park
CultureMap Dallas celebrated its launch at the historic Hall of State November 15. Photo by Kelly Knight
Keith LaBonte, Four Lounge
Keith LaBonte, 41, died unexpectedly November 18.  Keith LaBonte Four Lounge
Toulouse Cafe & Bar on Knox Street in Dallas
Toulouse Cafe & Bar is one of the few decent dining options on Knox Street.  Toulouse Cafe & Bar/Facebook
Sharon Lyle, Mark Mustchink, Catherine Cuellar
Sharon Lyle (left) has run TEDxSMU since its inception in 2009.  Sharon Lyle, Mark Mustchink, Catherine Cuellar Photo by Kelly Knight
Laurent Poupart of JoJo Eating House & Bar in Dallas
JoJo Eating House & Bar, from chef Laurent Poupart, opened November 19 in the old Tin Star space. Photo courtesy of JoJo Eating House & Bar
The Hall of State at Fair Park
Keith LaBonte, Four Lounge
Toulouse Cafe & Bar on Knox Street in Dallas
Sharon Lyle, Mark Mustchink, Catherine Cuellar
Laurent Poupart of JoJo Eating House & Bar in Dallas

Editor's note: Another week has come and gone, and there's a lot we all probably missed. But we're looking out for you, kid. Here are the most popular stories from this past week:

1. Dallas cocktail innovator Keith LaBonte passes away. Keith LaBonte, the talented mixologist and owner of Four Lounge in Uptown Dallas, passed away November 18. He was only 41. 

Word spread quickly on Monday among cocktail gurus like Brian McCullough of Standard Pour, who called him "a passionate man, a great friend and a unique individual," whose "zest for life was inspiring" and his passing "way too soon."

2. Will Henderson Avenue end up like Knox Street? Please, no. Eric Celeste's November 20 morning column raised the aforementioned question and responded to it thusly: "Knox Street is a terrible model for Henderson Avenue’s development. Ignore the weird mall-like shopping and dining choices mixed with the few decent dining choices. Just understand that Knox Street succeeds because it sits on Highland Park’s front porch."

3. Fancy French chefs, boutique bowling alleys and other big restaurant news in Dallas. Senior editor Teresa Gubbins knows a thing or two about dining in Dallas. And each week she shares that knowledge with the masses. What a peach. 

4. TEDxSMU’s Sharon Lyle talks about learning to love Dallas and the value of failure. If you haven't already gotten your tickets to TEDxSMU on December 1, well, you're out of luck. The one-day, big-idea conference sold out weeks ago.

But you can still soak up some intelligence from the brains behind the venture. TEDxSMU director Sharon Lyle lays it all on the line, discussing her successes as well as failures in a story that garnered 137 Facebook likes and 9 tweets. 

5. All sexed up and everywhere to go: CultureMap celebrates Dallas launch at historic Hall of State. We don't mean to brag, but CultureMap knows how to party. Just eight weeks after our official launch date, we gathered with more than 700 new friends and fans for a sexy soiree at the historic Hall of State in Fair Park.


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