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Juicy news: Luxury lifestyle guru Brian Bolke is taking over Highland Park Village

Juicy news: Luxury lifestyle guru Brian Bolke is taking over Highland Park Village

UPDATE: Number One/Le Jus is opening Thursday, November 15. The hours will be 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday, and 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday.

Stylemaker Brian Bolke is at it again. Less than a year after he opened Five and Ten in Highland Park Village, he’s got another one on the way: Number One/Le Jus.

Bolke’s latest lifestyle concept, like his first shop, Forty Five Ten, is a happy marriage of luxury retailer and cafe — only this time the cafe’s focus is organic, fresh-pressed juice. Bolke’s partner is nutritionist and juicing enthusiast Dana Card.

When Bolke tried her cleanse in 2011, he realized there was room in the Dallas market for a feel-good lifestyle store. With Card equally as eager to share her Zen-like philosophy and all-organic juices, the concept was born.

 “Number One/Le Jus appeals to a new customer — one that doesn’t necessarily shop at Forty Five Ten,” says owner Brian Bolke.

The space wasn’t too difficult to find, either, so the dream has come to fruition faster than anticipated. When Centennial liquor store closed at Highland Park Village, managing director Stephen Summers called Bolke, who had turned around the space now occupied by Five and Ten in just three short weeks.

Bolke says Number One/Le Jus will be a place where people can walk in and feel good. The front will be filled with clothing, candles, jewelry and other must-haves that support a luxury-meets-organic lifestyle. All of the brands sold at Number One are new for Bolke, except for Diptyque Paris.

In addition to outdoor dining in the front, Le Jus Cafe Organic will have 30 communal seats in the back of the house. Card calls Le Jus “the couture of juicing.”

All juices are made with high-quality, organic, slow-pressed ingredients. With an eight-day cleanse full of nutrient-dense ingredients like almond milk (made with organic, unpasteurized and fermented nuts) and seasonal greens promising to renew strength and energy, c’est tout parfait.

If you’re not into juicing, don’t fret, mon ami. Le Jus will have a cafe organique with French teas, soups, salads, desserts (all grain-free) and seasonal organic berry lemonade.

Number One/Le Jus, once home to the Highland Park Soda Fountain, is more multifaceted than Bolke’s other shops. “It appeals to a new customer — one that doesn’t necessarily shop at Forty Five Ten,” he says. We imagine the clientele will be a mix of yogis, organic advocates and luxury shoppers who will soon have a place to gather, together.

Bolke says the name has a couple of meanings. First, it reflects the address of the store, like its sibling Forty Five Ten. But it also expresses the idea that people should put themselves first.

“The store and juicery are going to be an amazing success,” Summers says. “We’re filling the gaps with this niche.”

Number One/Le Jus opens October 27 at 7 am. We’ll be the first in line — in our yoga pants.

Brian Bolke
Number One/Le Jus owner Brian Bolke at Forty Five Ten, his first store, for Fashion's Night Out.  Photo by Robert Bostick
Le Jus
Le Jus juices are also available for delivery.  Courtesy of Number One/Le Jus
Janine Payer Cuffs
Among the luxury goods at Number One: Jeanine Payer's simple, earthy designs. Courtesy of Number One/Le Jus