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Uber rolls out new uberX service with a week of free rides

To launch its new uberX ride-sharing service, Uber is offering up to four free rides per user November 18-21.  Uber/Facebook

Just when you thought you knew all the ways to get around Dallas, Uber is introducing uberX, a ride-sharing service that’s cheaper than your average taxi. To celebrate the unveiling, Uber is offering free uberX rides this week, beginning at 7 am on Monday, November 18.

UberX is designed to allow everyday drivers — that are vetted, naturally — to provide a lift to other Dallasites for a small fee to cover gas and transportation costs. While normal Uber rides have a base fee of $15, uberX starts as low as $6 per ride.

 To celebrate the roll-out of uberX, Uber is offering up to four free rides per user for as much as $30 from November 18-21.

To celebrate the roll-out, however, Uber is offering up to four free rides per user for as much as $30 from Monday morning until 11:59 pm November 21.

And because that’s not enough, users will also be able to show their receipts at select Dallas businesses for discounts. Some of the offers include free yogurt at I Heart Yogurt, happy hour prices all day at Nickel and Rye, and half off the first month of membership at Crossfit 214.

Users will also be eligible for a slew of social media giveaways, including tickets to upcoming shows at House of Blues, Dallas Stars tickets and a gift certificate to Bread Winners. In all, more than 40 businesses are working with Uber to roll out uberX.

Despite the recent Dallas City Council hubbub, uberX appears to be just one more sign that Uber plans to stick around Dallas for a while.

Between Uber and Lyft, it’s never been easier to get around Dallas. And, for a few days at least, it looks like it’s never been as rewarding either.

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