Giving Season

New joint charitable initiative helps Dallasites donate with impact

New joint charitable initiative helps Dallasites donate with impact

Charitable giving sometimes can be a daunting task. With so many worthy organizations, how do you decide where your donations should go?

Five Dallas nonprofits have banned together to help solve that problem. Chari-D uses your donations in a collaborative way to help make Dallas and the world a better place.

With a single online donation to Chari-D, givers can help the following organizations in their quest to help Dallas help the world. The nonprofits span the philanthropic spectrum:

  • 1 Million 4 Anna, whose mission is to eradicate Ewing’s Sarcoma.
  • Mercy Street of Dallas, engages in mutually transforming relationships with the residents of West Dallas, working with them to bring hope and healing to their neighborhoods.
  • New Friends New Life, which restores and empowers formerly trafficked girls and sexually exploited women and their children.
  • Taylor’s Gift, whose mission is to regift life, renew health and restore families by increasing official organ donation registries.
  • Water Is Basic, which helps to empower South Sudan in the fight for clean water.

Your donation, no matter the size, helps all of these organizations.

“We believe Chari-D appeals to anyone looking to make a diverse impact,” says spokesperson Gregg Murry. “Each of the participating organizations is Dallas-based, and Chari-D allows Dallas residents an opportunity to take pride in the many ways their local nonprofits are making a difference.”

Gifts to Chari-D can be made through giving technology company iDonate, which is their secure way to collect donations through the end of 2014. Donors can also make gifts on behalf of friends or family this holiday season. The campaign allows people to donate money, gift cards, electronics — even cars.

“We understood Dallas has as strong philanthropic nature, and we also know that Dallas residents enjoy making a positive impact. The five nonprofits that make up Chari-D together illustrate a local collaborative that makes a strong impact locally, nationally and globally.”

Water Is Basic
Water Is Basic, which aids South Sudan in the fight for clean water, is one of the Dallas-based nonprofits in Chari-D. Water Is Basic/Facebook
One donation through Chari-D goes to five local nonprofits. Photo courtesy of Chari-D
Water Is Basic