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It's finders-keepers on Art Quest sculpture scavenger hunt through 5 Dallas neighborhoods

Finders-keepers on Art Quest sculpture scavenger hunt through Dallas

Artist Brooks Oliver in his workshop
Artist Brooks Oliver will create one of the pieces for AURORA's Art Quest. Photo courtesy of Brooks Oliver

Dallas art group AURORA is sending art lovers on a summer Art Quest, a month-long public art discovery and workshop program throughout different neighborhoods that's designed to connect diverse communities with regional artists.

Set to take place every Saturday from July 9 through August 6, Art Quest will see a different artwork commissioned by AURORA placed at a new secret outdoor location on a weekly basis, with the clues for finding the hidden work revealed each Saturday.

The first person to find the art piece can keep it, and will receive a certificate of authenticity and the opportunity to meet the artist.

Each artwork is being developed through the use of 3D printing technologies. Commissioned artists include Victor Enam, Heather Gorham, Brooks Oliver, Andrew Scott, and Eric Trich.

Participating neighborhoods will include Bonton Neighborhood, Vickery Meadow, Bachman Lake, Pleasant Grove, and Jubilee Park.

“AURORA is presenting Art Quest with and for Dallas communities that need greater access to both art and technology," said Joshua King, co-founder and executive director of AURORA, in a statement. "We hope Art Quest is a fun and approachable game-like experience that will benefit a wider audience beyond traditional cultural structures.” 

Additionally, AURORA is organizing two educational workshops about technology’s influence on culture, led by artist Nitashia Johnson. Participants will learn new ways to enrich their surroundings with creative projects that utilize the power of art and technology, organizers say. Workshops will take place on July 23 and 27 at Urban Arts Center.

Anyone interested in participating in Art Quest should follow @dallasAURORA and #AuroraArtQuest on Instagram, subscribe to AURORA’s newsletter, and check the AURORA Instagram feed every Saturday morning for clues to find the artwork at the given location.