Imagine Peace

Yoko Ono donates peaceful work to Dallas museum to help city heal

Yoko Ono donates peaceful work to DMA to help Dallas heal

Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono has donated a work to the Dallas Museum of Art, in memory of the five police officers killed on July 7. It will be on display through August 22. Yoko Ono/Facebook

The Dallas Museum of Art has a temporary but meaningful exhibit from artist Yoko Ono, in response to the recent police shootings in downtown Dallas.

DMA senior curator of contemporary art Gavin Delahunty reached out to Ono, a renowned artist and peace activist, to create a message of harmony. Imagine Peace Forever, an original work of art displayed in both Spanish and English, has been installed on the museum's Ross Avenue Plaza.

It's a simple, text-based work presented as a large-scale banner and is a new version of Ono's seminal artwork Imagine Peace (2001), evoking John Lennon's song "Imagine."

The work's basic black-and-white palette promotes positive change, connecting with its viewers directly in a call for peace on many levels: in your own being, in your relationships, in the city, and globally.

The Dallas Museum of Art hopes to inspire individual empowerment, as Ono profoundly believes we all have the power to create positive difference in the world.

The work will be on view on Ross Avenue Plaza through August 22.