These Boots Are Made For

Guess what Wendy Davis' replacement wore to the Texas Capitol

Guess what Wendy Davis' replacement wore to the Texas Capitol

Konni Burton boots
State Sen. Konni Burton, who took over the seat from Wendy Davis, debuted her boots on Facebook. Konni Burton/ Facebook

Go ahead and cue the "kick her when she's down" jokes. As lawmakers filed into the Texas State Capitol on January 13 to kick off the 84th Texas Legislature, State Sen. Konni Burton (R-Colleyville) came in rocking a new pair of kicks.

The newly minted politico wore a pair of cowboy boots emblazoned with the words "Stand for Life" as she joined her colleagues on the rotunda floor. Burton won the seat in November after its previous occupant, Wendy Davis, decided to run for governor following her star-making 13-hour filibuster during the last legislative session.

Davis, whose pink Mizuno running shoes are almost as famous as she is, lost the gubernatorial race in what some have criticized as one of the worst campaigns in recent history. (Her campaign received so much criticism that her critics were then criticized.) 

On Tuesday morning, Burton debuted her new shoes on Facebook, saying, "It's a new day and because of that I wanted to step out and represent that in a visible way. No more pink shoe drama for SD 10!"

Burton's decision to wear the boots has received praise from fellow Tea Partier Ted Cruz, among others, and has stirred up more media coverage about Davis and her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year.