Best Makeout Spots

The 10 best makeout spots in Dallas to steal a kiss

The 10 best makeout spots in Dallas to steal a kiss

Couple kissing
Don't be afraid of PDA, Dallas. Photo courtesy of iStock
State Fair of Texas Ferris wheel
Who wouldn't get in the mood with a view like this? Flickr/stephl
Lay Garden at Dallas Arboretum
Yep, this is a good spot to smooch. Courtesy photo
Truth & Alibi in Deep Ellum
The Victorian decor at Truth & Alibi is all so romantic. Photo by Kevin Lofgren Photography
Couple kissing
State Fair of Texas Ferris wheel
Lay Garden at Dallas Arboretum
Truth & Alibi in Deep Ellum

Dallas may not necessarily have a reputation as a city for lovers, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of places where you can steal a smooch or two from your sweetie. If you find yourself at any of these locales, embrace the moment — and your beloved.

Sculpture garden at the Crow Collection of Asian Art
Play hide-and-seek with the larger-than-life Tibetan monks who are contemplatively sweeping the gravel, or lose yourself among the bamboo and azaleas in this downtown oasis. The outdoor works of art in this garden are always open and available to the public, so if you're looking for somewhere to slip away for a bit, this is the spot.

The lawn at Gexa Energy Pavalion
​Some might consider you more interesting than the show onstage, but for the exhibitionist, that's just fine. With a blanket, a beer, some tunes, and your main squeeze — or new friend, we won't judge — what more do you need?

Top of the Ferris wheel at the State Fair of Texas
It's seasonal, but it's also hard to beat the very top of the Texas Star when it comes to breathtaking views. The glittering lights, relative privacy, and oh-so-convenient excuse to claim you're afraid of heights make landing a few kisses a no-brainer.

McKinney Avenue Trolley
For some reason, not many people take advantage of these charming vintage trolleys that trundle through Uptown (for free!). That means you can sneak in a little canoodling while bar-hopping, in a mode of transport that's much more romantic than an Uber.

The Landmark Inwood Theatre
Making out at a movie theater isn't a new concept, but the Landmark Inwood Theatre's comfy setup in the first-floor screening auditorium practically demands hanky-panky. Couches, love seats, ottomans, and rows of squishy LoveSac beanbag chairs make it that much easier to snuggle up and ignore the previews.

The treehouse at Klyde Warren Park
If you avoid prime family time, then winding your way up the spiral staircase to this mini treehouse in downtown's most famous park carries a great reward. Namely, you can literally be sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Gondola rides in Las Colinas
Who needs Venice, or even Vegas? Gondola Adventures in Las Colinas can take you down the Mandalay Canals or onto Lake Carolyn, and you can pucker up in private, save for the gondolier (who promises not to look). Oh, and tradition dictates that a couple must kiss every time they pass under a bridge. Can't break with tradition, you know.

The grotto at Dallas Arboretum
With its winding pathways, sweeping trees, and flowering bushes, the Dallas Arboretum has lots of options for a few pecks. But if you really want to take your time, duck into the grotto in the Lay Family Garden, where a 12-foot waterfall provides excellent cover.

Truth & Alibi
You need a password to enter this secret cocktail joint, but first you need to know where to even find it. Below "The Original Deep Ellum Candy Company" is a speakeasy outfitted with Victorian-esque furniture, much of it tall and enveloping — perfect for hiding away and getting hot and heavy.

British Beverage Co.
If you're lucky enough to snag one of the booths at this popular Uptown bar, you'd better make the most of it. They're large enough that a person can easily lie down in them, which, you know, might be a bit much for a public place. But we're only here to offer suggestions, not tell you how to live your life.