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Austin wins title of the very best state capital in which to live

Austin wins title of the very best state capital in which to live

Austin Texas State Capitol aerial
Texas is No. 1. dszc/Getty Images

Everything's coming up Austin lately, and not just for millennials. In a new ranking by personal finance website WalletHub, Texas' capital city was named the absolute very best one to live in, scoring especially high in median household income and local attractions.

The site assigned equal weight to four categories: affordability, economic well-being, quality of education and health, and quality of life. Within those were variable factors such as housing costs, population growth, high school graduation rate, commute time, and friendliness to sports fans.

Austin came out at No. 1 overall, scoring first in economic well-being, third in education and health, fourth in quality of life, and No. 12 in affordability.

That said, it also had the highest median household income (adjusted for cost of living) at $67,938, which is 2.3 times higher than in Hartford, Connecticut, the city with the lowest at $28,977.

Austin also tied for third with highest percentage of adults with a bachelor's degree or higher, and ranked No. 1 for lowest premature death rate. Hooray?

The only negative was Austin's average weekly work hours: a tie for No. 46 out of 50.

Following Austin in the overall list are Raleigh, North Carolina; Madison, Wisconsin; Denver, Colorado; and Lincoln, Nebraska.

At the bottom are Carson City, Nevada (No. 48); Charleston, West Virginia (No. 49); and Trenton, New Jersey (No. 50).