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Feral hogs on notice and other terrifying tales in Dallas news

Feral hogs on notice and other terrifying tales in Dallas news

feral hogs
Feral hogs doing their feral thing. Photo courtesy of Dallas Trinity Trails

It's hard to say which is the more terrifying piece of news in Dallas: that feral hogs are about to become public enemy No. 1 or that John Wiley Price prevailed yet again. Here are the week's top stories:

Price wins
John Wiley Price somehow managed to win the Democratic nonimation for his seat as a Dallas County commissioner, beating out opponent Dwaine Caraway in the election on March 1. His constituents weren't put off by the fact that he's accused of accepting nearly $1 million in bribes; if anything, that rallied his supporters.

Price will go on trial in September. He looked pretty bad in the case against a cohort, Helena Tantillo, who was found guilty in January of two counts of making a false statement to law enforcement. Tantillo funneled money to Price's campaign manager, Kathy Nealy, who is charged with bribery alongside Price. Thanks to U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn, Price's trial was pushed to September. A replacement will be appointed if he goes to jail.

Lawyering up
Following their vote to ban Exxxotica from coming to the convention center, Mayor Mike Rawlings and three city council members have lawyered up. Jennifer Staubach Gates, Rickey Callahan, and Adam McGough all voted for the ban and have all hired attorneys. Exxxotica attorney Roger Albright hinted that he might sue them individually. They've already cost the city money for this lawsuit, wonder if they'll try to expense their lawyer bills, too.

Those filthy swine
According to a release from the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, feral hogs are a menace to our city and are causing thousands of dollars in property damage every year. So they're initiating a feral hog abatement program, overseen by new hire Brett Johnson. Sounds like a keep-busy project.

"Brett has spent many years studying feral hogs and their effects on urban communities," says Oscar Carmona, Dallas Park and Recreation Assistant Director. "We couldn't have hired a better person to oversee our new feral hog abatement plan." We have this hog guy, let's get some hogs. And then there's this Dallas Morning News assessment that "the filthy swine have torn up golf courses, lakeshores, riverbeds, fields and the Great Trinity Forest." Filthy swine, really? So prissy.

Mount Everest
The city council got an update on the 2016-17 budget on March 2. As the presention by city manager AC Gonzalez noted, it's a lengthy, nine-month process that will end in mid-September. He compared it to climbing Mt. Everest.

The best thing about the Mt. Everest comparison is is the wit it drew on a Facebook post by council member Scott Griggs. Samples: "Can we leave AC at the top?" and "I might give pause to an analogy where less than 30 percent succeed and 2 percent die trying."