Many Wonder Women

Dallas shoots for record for most people dressed like Wonder Woman

Dallas shoots for record for most people dressed like Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman
There's no hotter female superhero right now. Photo by Clay Enos/ TM & (c) DC Comics

Wonder women across Dallas are invited to the Dallas Public Library on March 10, for a conference that will end with an effort to land a Guinness World Record.

Called Women of Wonder Con, it's a free event created to encourage women and girls who are involved in creative industries to network and learn how to better navigate what can sometimes be a difficult field.

The event will take place from 10 am-5 pm at the library at 1515 Young St., on the fourth floor.

It'll feature guest speakers, panel discussions, and creative workshops on comics, graphic design, fine arts, filmmaking, acting, and other creative areas.

Women of Wonder will feature actress, martial arts expert, and stunt woman Caitlin Dechelle; author and career coach Lar Park Lincoln; and WFAA-TV reporter Hannah Davis. Artists and authors will have art, jewelry, and books for sale.

The conference will conclude with a Guinness World Record attempt for "the largest gathering of people dressed as female superheroes," from 6-7 pm in front of the library. With the 2017 film release, Wonder Woman is the most likely suspect, but surely there will be a few Batgirls, a Catwoman or two, a Storm, and for the truly costume-ambitious, a Mystique.

To stay up on the details, there's an event page on Facebook.

A similar stunt was undertaken in Dallas in summer 2017 when the Dallas Museum of Art organized a "dress like Mexican artist Frida Kahlo" event to celebrate an exhibit that featured her paintings.

Guys can come, too, says Dallas Public Library Fine Arts Manager Tiffany Bailey in a release.

"Although Women of Wonder’s focuses is on women in creative fields, we encourage everyone to attend the event," she says.

See the full schedule of activities at womenofwondercon.