Freeway Changes

Dallas drivers gear up for downtown freeway changes

Dallas drivers gear up for downtown freeway changes

Downtown Dallas mixmaster highways
The Mixmaster in simpler times.

A big traffic switch-up in downtown Dallas goes down on Sunday, May 1. One ramp opens while another closes as part of the ongoing construction of the Dallas Horseshoe Project, designed to improve traffic flow through downtown.

The ramp opening is the one from southbound I-35E westbound I-30. It opens up on the right side of the main lanes. It replaces the old left exit to westbound I-30, which is permanently closed. That always seemed dumb that the I-30 exit off 35 was in the very far left lane.

This new ramp to westbound I-30 has two lanes of traffic. There's also a reopening of the Riverfront Boulevard on-ramp to westbound I-30.

These changes affect traffic leaving downtown Dallas headed west on I-30. Drivers can no longer use the on-ramp just west of Houston Street (along Elm Street at Dealey Plaza). Instead, they need to stay left toward Commerce Street and detour to Riverfront Boulevard to access the fancy new westbound I-30 Riverfront Boulevard on-ramp.

Traffic heading westbound I-30 in the Canyon area shifts to the right onto new pavement approaching the Mixmaster.

To make this happen, there are various lane closures along westbound I-30 and southbound I-35E in the Mixmaster over the weekend. Message boards and signs advise motorists of any associated closures and new traffic movements.

Monday's commute promises to be spectacular.

A video about this upcoming work is posted on the Dallas Horseshoe Project YouTube page.

Dubbed the "Horseshoe Project" due to its U shape, the project includes the expansion, repaving, and addition of several new bridges and roadways along interstates 30 and 35E, as well as the construction of a new signature bridge, the Margaret McDermott Bridge, over I-30.

The project started in April 2013 and is scheduled for completion in summer 2017.

If you're a dedicated traffic nut, you can stay up-to-date about traffic closures and changes by signing up for text alerts. Send the message "dallashorseshoe" to 31996.