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NRA convention in Dallas will draw President Trump and protests galore

NRA convention in Dallas will draw President Trump and protests galore

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The city of Dallas will have its hands full with the arrival of the National Rifle Association Convention, taking place at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center from May 3-6.

The convention is anticipating about 80,000 attendees during the four-day event. Those will include President Donald Trump, who is expected to speak at the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum on May 4.

He'll join Vice President Mike Pence, who was already scheduled to make a May 4 appearance weeks ago — prompting the NRA to ban guns at the meeting where he'll appear.

Fred Guttenberg, whose daugther Jaime was killed in the shooting at Parkland High School, tweeted about the NRA's hypocrisy, saying, "According to the NRA, we should want everyone to have weapons when we are in public," he said. "But when they put on a convention, the weapons are a concern? I thought giving everyone a gun was to enhance safety. Am I missing something?"

The Dallas Police Department is anticipating numerous protests. According to a release, the department will not interfere with the protests unless a criminal offense is committed, or demonstrators illegally impede traffic or attempt to shut down a freeway.

Protests already scheduled include one on May 4 at 6:30 pm at Dallas City Hall Plaza, organized by the Next Generation Action Network, who will be joined by various community organizations.

Other protests planned include one called "Dallas United Against Gun Violence," and a PETA protest called "Stop ALL Gun Violence." [Another drolly titled "NRA Die-In" has been deleted.]

Street closures are expected to occur throughout downtown May 4-5. At 7 am, officers will close the streets around Dallas City Hall, specifically Young Street between Griffin and Ervay, and Akard Street from Young to Canton. No parking will be allowed.

There will also be unannounced closures to accommodate travel by the president and vice-president.