Texas Murder

CBS' 48 Hours will dig into unsolved murder of North Texas woman

CBS' 48 Hours will dig into unsolved murder of North Texas woman

Jennifer Harris 48 Hours
Jennifer Harris was a cheerleader and a shining star. Photo courtesy of Red Rabbit

An unsolved murder that happened in Bonham, Texas, in 2002 will be the subject of a feature on 48 Hours, airing at 9 pm May 19.

Called "Murder on Red River," the segment will focus on the cold-case murder of Jennifer Harris, a 28-year-old woman who disappeared on Mother's Day in 2002. Her dead body was found in the Red River six days later.

The initial investigation was reportedly botched, with evidence such as her car keys, clothes, and laptop that was contaminated or missing entirely.

According to a release from CBS, police learned that Harris told at least one person she was pregnant. Initially, police reached out to the two men in her life — James Hamilton, her business partner and ex-boyfriend, and Rob Holman, her ex-husband — but neither has been arrested or charged.

In 2017, newly elected Fannin County Sheriff Mark Johnson made good on a campaign promise to take a second look.

Also trying to solve the case is Barry Wernick, a filmmaker married to Harris' sister, Alyssa. He began working on the project two years ago. He says he's done interviews with people who were not interviewed by law enforcement and is following up on any leads.

A graduate of Stephen F. Austin University, Harris owned a massage and wellness center in Frisco. She had temporarily moved to Bonham to live with her grandmother.

On May 12, 2002, at about 8 pm, she said she was going to meet someone, and was never seen again. The next day, her 2000 green Jeep Wrangler was found abandoned on a county road. On May 18, her nude body was found in the Red River by fishermen.

An autopsy determined that her uterus had been removed, elevating her death to the category of violent homicide.

Fannin County Sheriff Johnson told KXII Fox 12 that he believed she was murdered by someone she knew well.

Her family and the Sheriff's office combined forces to offer a $50,000 reward. A website called Red Rabbit Justice has tracked the case and its accompanying developments.

Jim Axelrod and 48 Hours investigate the case through interviews with Harris' friends, and family, and investigators. "Murder on Red River" is produced by Marcelena Spencer and Dena Goldstein. Claire St. Amant is the development producer; St. Amant was a founding editor at CultureMap Dallas who has worked for 48 Hours for nearly four years.

CBS has posted a preview video, which can be seen here.