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Dallas police seeking Honda Odyssey that cruelly abandoned 2 Great Danes

Dallas police seeking Honda Odyssey that abandoned 2 Great Danes

HOnda odyssey
Does this car look familiar? DPD

The Dallas Police Department is trying to track down a suspect in connection to a case of suspected animal cruelty that took place in southeast Dallas in mid-May.

On May 13, someone abandoned two Great Dane dogs, in the area of 4800 Great Trinity Forest Way.

The dogs were dumped at about 8:45 pm. The suspect was driving a Honda Odyssey. It was caught on camera.

You can kind of see the license plate has a number, maybe 1, and then a gap, and then a few more numbers, but you can't see what the numbers are.

That area is on the northern tip of the Joppa Preserve, just off Loop 12 and a couple of miles east of I-45. It's a heavily wooded area by the Trinity Forest Trail, which wraps around a small shallow body of water called Little Lemmon Lake.

A police department spokesman noted that it was unusual for someone to abandon a Great Dane, which is not an inexpensive breed. "It's cruel to do that to any dog but you don't see it happen too often with Great Danes," the spokesperson said.

The dogs were recovered by Dallas Animal Services and are currently in the care of SPCA of Texas.

The police are now seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the person.

This offense is documented on case number 088642-2021. If you have any information regarding who abandoned the dogs, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-877-TIPS or contact the Animal Cruelty Detective Cathy Blanchard, #7999, at (214) 670-7694.