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BBC writes a love letter to Texas

BBC writes a love letter to Texas

Texas postcard
The BBC has jumped on the Texas bandwagon. Jack and Friends

We Texans sure have come up in the world. Yes, some people still like to poke fun at our accents and attitudes, but mostly the rest of the world just looks at the Lone Star State longingly. To wit, the BBC recently wrote a love letter to Texas, praising everything from our jobs to our state loyalty. (More than 75 percent of native born Texans stay here.)

The lavish praise, which includes a 10-point list of our attractiveness, stems from new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The numbers reveal five of the 10 fastest-growing cities are in Texas, including Houston (No. 2), San Antonio (No. 4), Austin (No. 5), Dallas (No. 7) and Fort Worth (No. 10). 

New York took the top spot handily, but Texas is the real winner. The Lone Star State also claims three out of the top five cities that grew the fastest as a proportion of their size. 

The British have a serious case of Lone Star lust based on the availability of good Texas jobs, our low cost of living, lack of state income tax and plethora of big cities. Apparently we Texans are fairly normal people with "fewer rules" too.

Austin garnered its own section of praise, summed up by the phrase "keep it cool, keep it weird and keep it environmentally friendly." And when mentioning our affection for American football, BBC ran a photo of a UT Longhorn, as opposed to the more obvious choice, a Dallas Cowboy.