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Dallas runoff elections give the city council new lease on life

Dallas runoff elections give the city council new lease on life

Jesse Moreno, Adam Bazaldua
Newcomer Jesse Moreno (left) and incumbent Adam Bazaldua celebrate their win. Photo courtesy of Soraya Santos

A runoff election on June 5 gave Dallas a meaningful update to its city council, installing a new slate of council members that have the potential to effect powerful change.

Four newly elected members share a more progressive profile than the incumbents they replaced, and also represent the potential for a unified majority, combined with like-minded council members who were re-elected.

In Fort Worth, they elected a new mayor in Mattie Parker, who at age 37 will be one of the youngest mayors in the U.S.

Fort Worth also elected a new slate of especially young council members: The average age of the Fort Worth city council dropped from 60 to 45.

Below are some of the key races; NBC has all the results listed here.


Fort Worth
The mayoral race saw a huge turnout, with former Betsy Price staffer Mattie Parker winning with 53.55 percent (47,283 votes) over former Tarrant County Democratic Party chair Deborah Peoples 46.45 percent (41,012 votes).

Attorney Jim Ross won over former city council member Michael Glaspie, taking 54.45 percent (11,320 votes) to Glaspie's 45.55 percent (9,470 votes).

Six seats went to a run-off. Four out of six winners are newcomers. One current council member got ousted by a wide margin.

District 2 - Deep Ellum/Love Field
Longtime activist and volunteer Jesse Moreno won over Sana Syed: 57.51 percent (1,609 votes) to 42.49 percent (1,189 votes).

"Thank you for your support, #TeamD2! I’m honored, and I look forward to getting to work for you!" Moreno said.

District 4 - southeast Dallas
Incumbent Carolyn King Arnold won 54.96 percent (1,484) over Maxie Johnson who earned 45.04 percent (1,216 votes).

No idea what Arnold may have said since she has blocked me on Facebook.

District 7 - far East Dallas
Incumbent Adam Bazaldua won with 63.59 percent (1,785), beating Kevin Felder's 36.41 percent (1,022 votes).

"It's an exciting new day and maybe now we'll have the opportunity to break a barrier between the north and south divide that has gone on for too long," Bazaldua said at his victory party.

District 11 - North Dallas
One-time planning commission member Jaynie Schultz earned 53.93 percent (4,436 votes) over Barry Wernick 46.07 percent (3,789 votes).

"I’m so honored to be elected Councilwoman! After a long & challenging race, honesty, integrity, and experience prevailed. Thank you to all of my volunteers, supporters, and family for everything you’ve done. I cannot wait to represent this district around the horseshoe," she said.

District 13 - North Dallas
Turtle Creek Conservancy CEO Gay Donnell Willis got 53.51 percent (5,243 votes) over Leland R. Burk's 46.49 percent (4,555 votes), and will take the seat vacated by Jennifer Staubach Gates.

Willis tweeted, "Thank you all so much for electing me to represent you on Dallas’ City Council! I am so proud of everyone involved with the campaign from our donors and volunteers to our staff and voters. You made this happen, and I promise to deliver for D13."

District 14 - downtown, Uptown, Oak Lawn
Former Park Board member Paul E. Ridley won big with 60.58 percent (4,769 votes), stomping incumbent David Blewett who got 39.42 percent (3,103 votes).


District 6
Jared Williams 50.97 percent (7,190 votes) beat incumbent Jungus Jordan who got 49.03 percent (6,917 votes).

District 7
Leonard Firestone, cofounder of Firestone & Robertson Distilling, drew 55.2 percent (8,401 votes) versus Zeb Pent who got 44.8 percent (6,819 votes)

District 8
Community leader Chris Nettles won with a majority of 52.20 percent (3,591 votes), beating the 47.80 percent (3,288 votes) of longtime incumbent Kelly Allen Gray.

Nettles said at his victory party that his campaign was about making change.

District 9
Attorney and military vet Elizabeth Beck won big with 61.92 percent (5,340) vote against Fernando Peralta, who garnered 38.08 percent (3,284).

"I am truly honored that the people of District 9 put their trust in me," Beck said. "I promise to wake up each day and work to maintain that trust."