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This Dallas suburb chillaxes as the least-stressed city in Texas

This Dallas suburb chillaxes as the least-stressed city in Texas

Plano, Plano balloon festival
Plano rises above all the stress. Photo by Cece Liekar-Campinini

Living in Plano has a lot of perks, and a new survey gives folks one more reason to move there. A new study ranks Plano as the least-stressed city in Texas.

The report, released by personal financial site WalletHub, compared 182 U.S. cities across four key stressors: work, financial, family, and health and safety. (Absent from the study is a maddening stressor, traffic.) Plano ranked No. 171, further down the list than any other Texas city, making the most chill community in the state.

Speaking to Plano’s flourishing economy, residents are not too worried about their livelihoods, as the city is near the bottom of the list for financial stress (No. 175). Plano also ranks near the bottom in regard to health and safety stress (No. 178). 

The new ranking comes on the heels of a survey this spring that said Plano was one of the happiest places in the United States. In that report, the city scored high in emotional and physical well-being; income and employment; and community and environment. Plano had the fourth lowest separation and divorce rate, as well, the study showed.

Statewide in the stress survey, tightly-wound Houston comes in at No. 21 in the U.S., notably at No. 3 overall in work-related stress and at No. 13 in family-related stress (zero surprise to local parents). It ranks as one of the most-stressed cities in the nation. 

Dallas clocks in at No. 36, followed by Arlington (No. 69), Fort Worth (No. 83), and San Antonio (No. 88). Austin eases in at No. 142.

Nationwide, Detroit, Michigan is the frazzled city that sits at No. 1, while Fremont, California just barely feels the heat at the bottom of the list, No. 182.