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4 nonprofits chosen to disburse COVID-19 rental assistance funds in Dallas

4 nonprofits chosen to disburse COVID-19 rental assistance in Dallas

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The Coronavirus Relief Fund will help with short-term assistance on rent. Tomasz Zajda/EyeEm/Getty Images

Four nonprofits will help the city of Dallas deploy a federally funded short-term rental assistance program.

The CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Emergency Short Term Rental Assistance Program is a partnership between the city of Dallas and that will help families in need.

Six nonprofit organizations requested funds. The City chose four of those, to receive a combined total $1.5 million. Those include:

  • Human Rights Initiative
  • Voice of Hope
  • Refugee Services of Texas
  • The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas collaborative, which is comprised of Catholic Charities of Dallas, Metrocrest Services, Harmony CDC, The Wilkinson Center, and the Salvation Army

Here is the money trail:

  • The Department of Housing & Revitalization allocated $6 million to DHA and local nonprofits to administer the short-term rental assistance program.
  • DHA received $4.5 million through an interlocal agreement and presented a plan distributing funds through regular lottery drawings in City Council districts.
  • The remaining $1.5 million was distributed among these four nonprofits.

The breakdown of who got how much is listed online.

"We recognize that the need is greater than funding will allow, but we believe that distributing these funds to organizations with a diverse geographic reach, we will maximize the opportunity to assist as many residents as the funding will allow," said Chief of Economic Development and Neighborhood Services Dr. Eric A. Johnson in a statement.

The assistance programs will open in the coming weeks. If you're seeking a piece, they recommend you regularly visit participating nonprofit websites to learn when applications are available.

The city is also partnered with the Dallas Independent School District who will inform potential candidates on their digital channels.