Barking up the right tree

This Dallas suburb collars top spot among America's most pet-friendly cities

This Dallas suburb collars top spot among most pet-friendly cities

Plano boasts the nation's highest number of dog-friendly trails per capita. Photo courtesy of DOGPOP

There’s no doubt that pet owners in Plano love their four-legged friends, and a new ranking of the most pet-friendly cities in America says just as much.

WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities in terms of pet budget, pet health and wellness, and outdoor pet-friendliness to determine the best and worst places for our furry friends. Plano ranks 28th best in the nation.

Plano impresses as the fifth-best city for a pet’s health and wellness, which the study determines by tallying up the number of veterinarians, animal trainers, caretakers, dog-friendly restaurants, and more per capita. The study also scores health and wellness in terms of home sizes, pet-friendliness in the rental market, and welcoming hotels.

Interestingly, while the city boasts the nation's highest number of dog-friendly trails per capita, Plano also has the second-fewest number of dog-friendly parks per capita, both contributing to its No. 31 ranking in outdoor pet-friendliness. The ranking also considered Plano's weather (No. 45), share of parklands (No. 47), and walk score (No. 67).

When it comes to costs, though, Plano is one of the most expensive cities in the country, ranking 93rd in pet budget, which factors in veterinary care costs (Plano ties for highest in the U.S.) and dog insurance premiums.

Despite the high costs, Plano ranks better overall than most other DFW cities, including Arlington (No. 46), Garland (No. 56), Dallas (No. 59), and Irving (No. 77). Fort Worth sneaks in just ahead of Plano, as the No. 25 most pet-friendly city in America.

Texas has no shortage of pet hot spots, according to WalletHub, with Austin ranking No. 4 overall, followed by San Antonio at No. 22 and Houston at No. 35. The top dog on the list is Scottsdale, Arizona. The least pet-friendly city, though, is Fresno, California.