City Council Meet-ups

Meet the new Dallas city council members and talk money at town hall meet-ups

Dallas budget action begins with master list of town hall meetings

In the first step on the long walk to a budget for the city of Dallas, city manager A.C. Gonzalez has unfurled the first draft of the 2015-16 budget, to be presented to the Dallas city council on Tuesday, August 11.

The total budget is $3.1 billion dollars, as in billion with a B. Gonzalez' summary claims to offer a balanced budget, with priorities on street conditions, code compliance and animal services, the arts and libraries, and technology.

By comparison, the 2014-15 budget was $2.815 million. That represents an increase of nearly 10 percent.

Gonzalez says that street maintenance would receive an additional $16.7 million, representing an increase of 46 percent. Technology would receive an additional $68 million, which he said would go toward replacing computers and upgrading equipment.

Part of what fueled the process was a citizen survey conducted in 2014, which called for more infrastructure, code enforcement, public safety and streets.

Dallas Animal Services would see an additional $580,159, which would include the hiring of 15 additional officers. This falls far short of the shelter's proposal for $1,038,203 for a "community outreach" program, emphasizing education, outreach and enforcement, that would replace the more costly "sweeps" approach.

According to the city-issued figures, property taxes will account for 49 percent of the revenue. Sales tax revenue accounts for 25 percent of the general fund, and "other" revenues including municipal courts, fines, ambulance fees, licenses and permits, and so on, account for 17 percent. There will be no new taxes.

From August 11-September 1, the Dallas City Council will host a series of town meetings to discuss the budget; the times and places are listed below. It is also hosting eight virtual town hall meetings you can attend online (go to or and click on the town hall banner), or call in, using a phone number posted on the Dallas City Hall website.

Tuesday, August 11

District 5 and 8, Rick Callahan and Erik Wilson
6 pm. Janie C. Turner Recreation Center, 6424 Elam Rd., 75217

District 9 and 10, Mark Clayton and Adam McGough
6 pm, Dallas City Hall (virtual and in person), 1500 Marilla St., 6ES

District 4 Carolyn Arnold
6 pm. Beckley Saner Recreation Center, 114 W. Hobson St., 75216

Thursday, August 14

District 2 Adam Medrano
6:30 pm. Samuell Grand Recreation Center, 6200 E. Grand Ave., 75223

District 5 Rick Callahan
6 pm. Prairie Creek Library, 9609 Lake June Rd., 75217

District 8 Erik Wilson
6 pm. Kleberg Rylie Recreation Center, 1515 Edd Rd., 75253

District 9 Mark Clayton
6:30 pm. Ridewood Recreation Center, 6818 Fisher Rd., 75214

District 4 Carolyn Arnold
6 pm. Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center, 1201 E. 8th St., 75203

District 10 Adam McGough
6 pm. Lake Highlands North Recreation Center, 9940 White rock Trail, 75238

Monday August 17

District 11 Lee Kleinman
6:30 pm, Dallas City Hall (virtual and in person), 1500 Marilla St., 6ES

District 3 Casey Thomas
6 pm. Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center, 5150 Mark Trail Way, 75232

Tuesday August 18

District 5 and 7, Rick Callahan and Tiffinni Young
6 pm. Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center, 8701 Greenmound Ave., 75227

District 6 Monica Alonzo
6:30 pm. Anita Martinez Recreation Center, 3212 Winnetka St., 75212

District 1 and 14, Scott Griggs and Philip Kingston
6:30 pm. Dallas City Performance Hall, 2520 Flora St., 75201

District 8 Erik Wilson
6 pm. Highland Hills Library, 8200 Bonnie View Rd., 75241

District 4 Carolyn King Arnold
6 pm. Mark Twain Elementary, 724 Green Cove Ln., 75232

District 10 Adam McGough
6 pm. Richland College, 12800 Abrams Rd., 75243

Wednesday August 19

District 13 Jennifer Staubach Gates
6:30 pm, Dallas City Hall (virtual and in person), 1500 Marilla St., 6ES

Thursday August 20
District 4 Carolyn King Arnold
6 pm. Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, 2008 E. Kiest Blvd., 75216

District 12 Sandy Greyson
7 pm, Dallas City Hall (virtual and in person), 1500 Marilla St., 6ES

District 6 and 13, Monica Alonzo and Jennifer Staubach Gates
6:30 pm. Walnut Hill Recreation Center, 10011 Midway Rd., 75229

District 11 Lee Kleinman
6:30 pm. Fretz Recreation Center, 6950 Belt Line Rd., 75254

District 3 and 8, Casey Thomas and Erik Wilson
6 pm. Singing Hills Recreation Center, 1909 Crouch Rd., 75241

District 9 Mark Clayton
6 pm. Harry Stone Recreation Center, 2403 Milmar Dr., 75228

District 1 Scott Griggs
6 pm. Martin Weiss Recreation Center, 1111 Martindell Ave., 75211

District 7 Tiffinni Young
6 pm. White Rock Hills Library - Auditorium, 9150 Ferguson Rd., 75228

Monday August 24

Districts 1 and 3, Scott Griggs and Casey Thomas
6 pm. Hampton-Illinois Library Black Box Theatre, 2951 S. Hampton Rd., 75224

District 8 Erik Wilson
6 pm, Dallas City Hall (virtual and in person), 1500 Marilla St., 6ES

Tuesday, August 25

District 6 Monica Alonzo
6:30 pm. Jaycee Zaragoza Recreation Center, 3114 Clymer St., 75212

District 11 and 12, Lee Kleinman and Jennifer Staubach Gates
6:30 pm. Churchill Recreation Center - Gymnasium, 6906 Churchill Way, 75230

District 12 Sandy Greyson
7 pm. Timberglen Recreation Center, 3810 Timberglen Rd., 75287

District 9 Mark Clayton
6:30 pm. Lake Highlands Baptist Church, 642 Brookhurst Dr., 75218

District 14 Philip Kingston
6:30 pm. Klyde Warren Park (virtual and in person), 2012 Woodall Rogers Fwy., 75201

Thursday, August 27

District 1 Scott Griggs
6 pm. Methodist Dallas Medical Center - Hitt Auditorium, 1441 N. Beckley Ave., 75203

District 2 and 6, Adam Medrano and Monica Alonzo
6:30 pm. Bachman Recreation Centre (virtual and in person), 2750 Bachman Dr., 75220

District 3 Casey Thomas
6 pm. Park in the Woods Recreation Center, 6801 Mountain Creek Pkwy., 75249

District 4 Carolyn King Arnold
6 pm. John W. Carpenter Elementary School, 2120 Tosca Ln., 75224

Monday August 31

District 7 Tiffinni Young
6:30 pm. DCS Technology and Training Center (virtual and in person), 5151 Samuell Blvd., 75228

Tuesday, September 1

District 12 Sandy Greyson
7 pm. Campbell Green Recreation Center, 16600 Parkhill Dr., 75248

District 7 Tiffinni Young
6:30 pm. Women's Museum at Fair Park, 3800 Parry Ave, 75228

Dallas City Hall
Dallas tackles its annual budget with a resolution by September. Courtesy photo
City Manager A.C. Gonzalez
City Manager A.C. Gonzalez presents budget proposal in August. Photo by Teresa Gubbins