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Dallas Police Department releases video of arrest of Allen West's wife

Dallas Police Department releases video of arrest of Allen West's wife

West was unable to execute a breathalyzer test properly. Courtesy photo

UPDATE 9-1-2021: A blood test for Angela West showed she was not intoxicated when she was arrested on August 20. A statement from the district attorney's office said that the test results showed there were no drugs or alcohol in her system. In a statement, her attorney said that he and West "appreciate that honest justice was swift." The DA's office will not pursue charges.


The Dallas Police Department released video footage of the high-profile arrest of Angela West, wife of Allen West, who's running for governor of Texas.

Angela West was arrested on Friday, August 20 for suspicion of DWI after she was observed driving erratically with her grandson in the car.

Following her arrest, Allen West went on the offensive on Saturday morning with posts on social media, accusing the Dallas Police Department of making a false arrest and denying she had been drinking, including posting photos of receipts from P.F. Chang's restaurant at NorthPark Center, where he claimed she had eaten prior to the arrest.

The arrest video, which has been posted on the DPD's Facebook page, shows Angela West driving in the middle lane of Northwest Highway, then slowing down to a stop in the middle of the road, as cars whoosh by on either side.

She was pulled over in the 2300 block of West Northwest Highway at 8:44 pm, after an officer "had reasons to believe the driver may be intoxicated." There was also a McDonald's cup in the car whose contents raised suspicion.

She was given a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test, but she was unable to blow into the device consistently. In an August 23 press conference, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said the breathalyzer results were inconclusive.

The video also shows she pulled to the wrong side of the road and seemed unable to follow simple instructions.

According to WFAA, West said she told the officer she would be "a little off balance in some of the exercises" because she had suffered an aneurysm.

Angela was taken to the Dallas County jail, where blood was drawn to measure her blood alcohol level; the results are pending.

She faces a charge of driving while intoxicated with a child under 15.

Allen West also complained about the treatment of his grandson, who remained in her car after she was taken away. However, police officers are not allowed to transport a child. They stayed with the grandson until his father came and picked him up.