Black Widow Goes On Trial

Keller black widow Michele Williams goes on trial for her husband's murder

Keller black widow Michele Williams goes on trial for husband's murder

Jury selection is now underway in the murder trial of the so-called Keller black widow Michele Williams. The 45-year-old mother of four is accused of killing her third husband, Greg Williams, in cold blood as their daughter slept in the next room.

The Tarrant County trial in Judge George Gallagher’s court is expected to last a week.

The 2011 murder rocked the sleepy suburb of Keller and got more bizarre as the investigation unfolded. Greg Williams’ family now believes Michele may have been involved in the suspicious death of her brother-in-law, Brynn Fletcher. Ten months before Greg’s death, Fletcher was also killed at close range with his own gun in what appeared to be a suicide.

After initially telling police her husband was killed by an intruder, Michele changed course, claiming that her husband committed suicide and she cleaned the crime scene with bleach to cover it up.

Michele has been in police custody since January, when she supposedly miscarried twins at eight months pregnant. Her alleged pregnancy influenced the DA’s decision to offer her a plea deal on lesser charges in 2013. Citing the lack of evidence of a miscarriage, authorities now doubt that she was ever pregnant at all.

In a dramatic bout of testimony at her February sentencing hearing, Michele declared her innocence on the witness stand. “I’m not guilty, and I can’t sit here and answer the questions the way you want me to,” she said.

In response, Judge Scott Wisch recused himself from the case, and Michele’s attorneys asked to be released from her employ.

She is now being represented by court-appointed attorneys Clay Graham and Cody Cofer.

Michele Williams and Greg Williams on their wedding day
Michele and Greg Williams on their wedding day in 2008. Photo courtesy of Keller Police Department