Golden places for the golden years

Dallas lands on Forbes list of golden spots for retirees in 2021

Dallas lands on Forbes list of golden spots for retirees in 2021

Dallas skyline sunrise
Dallas is a great place to retire. Photo by Tony Shi Photography/Getty Images

Once again, Dallas has earned gold status among the country’s best spots for retirees.

Big D appears on an unranked Forbes list of the country’s 25 best places to enjoy retirement for 2021, where it's joined by one other popular Texas city: Austin.

In lauding Dallas, Forbes highlights the city’s passions for arts and culture, fine dining, and golf.

"Nearly 80 golf courses in the area plus a robust arts/culture and fine dining scene distinguish the Big D," Forbes says. "The city has an adequate number of physicians per capita and is somewhat walkable and very bikeable."

Dallas also appeared on Forbes' list in 2020.

Regarding Austin, the publication highlights its "big music and dining scene," plus "free senior citizen tuition for six credits a semester at the University of Texas at Austin."

While those are the only Texas cities on the Forbes list, the charming Hill Country town of Fredericksburg recently earned a spot on an unranked Travel + Leisure list of the country’s 10 best small towns for retirement.

T+L emphasizes the town’s German heritage and its proximity to Austin and San Antonio.

“Wine lovers will enjoy living in the midst of more than 100 wineries in the area, and stargazers will appreciate the city’s efforts to become a Dark Sky Community, with measures to minimize light pollution,” Travel + Leisure observes. “Seasonal changes are significant, with dry, warm summers and cold weather in winter. The area is safe, and crime rates are low.”