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A new highway ramp in downtown Dallas makes it easier to go north

A new highway ramp in downtown Dallas makes it easier to go north

Horseshoe Project, downtown Dallas
Photo courtesy of Horseshoe Project

A new freeway ramp is about to make life easier for motorists who drive between I-30 and I-35E, as part of the Dallas Horseshoe Project, an ongoing road construction initiative designed to improve traffic flow through downtown. Motorists most affected are those who are tooling along on I-30 eastbound and want to go north on I-35E.

The​ Dallas Horseshoe Project will open a new ramp this weekend making that connection. It opens on Saturday, October 1, at 6 am, when traffic along eastbound I-30 will be able to take a new left exit to northbound I-35E.

Introducing a new ramp at 6 am on a Saturday morning is smart. Who is on the road at that time? Very few people. Possibly someone who works the morning shift at a breakfast place, or someone who likes to get up early and exercise (although driving to go exercise seems counterintuitive), or possibly the random party person for whom the 2 am closure time at bars is only the beginning of a long, fun night.

Anyway, it's a good time to open a new ramp.

To ensure enough distance to access the new ramp, drivers must remain in the leftmost lane of eastbound I-30 no later than Beckley Avenue. New signs will be installed to direct drivers toward the new exit.

The new ramp replaces an existing exit that will continue to be used as a designated exit for Commerce Street.

The Horseshoe Project, so nicknamed due to its U shape, includes the expansion, repaving, and addition of several new bridges and roadways along interstates 30 and 35E, as well as the construction of a new signature bridge, the Margaret McDermott Bridge, over I-30.

The project started in April 2013 and is scheduled for completion in summer 2017.