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Here's how Dallas stacks up to the best cities for job seekers

Here's how Dallas stacks up to the best cities for job seekers

Griggs Park in Uptown Dallas
Dallas is one of the best places to grow your career. Photo by Justin Terveen/Courtesy of Uptown Dallas Inc.

Before you start looking to New York, LA, or Chicago for job opportunities, consider what’s happening here at home. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the country’s 10 fastest growing cities, five are in Texas.

The Census Bureau also reports that the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S. are community and social service, computer and math, healthcare, and construction and extraction — and Texas cities rank among the best places for every single one of these categories in 2016.

A new report by Abodo mapped the top five fastest growing industries across the country’s 25 most populous cities, and the data shows that “the best places for the country’s fastest growing jobs aren’t always where you’d expect them to be — and they certainly aren’t always in the largest cities.” The report cites Texas’ “explosive” population growth and names Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and El Paso as rapidly expanding job and housing markets, with Austin ranking in more industries than any other Texas city.

The job category with the largest growth is community and social service, at 14.61 percent, followed closely by computer and math. In the community and social service sector, which includes roles like social worker and religious workers, El Paso ranked ninth in the country.

Web and software developers, programmers, mathematicians, and computer research scientists should consider Austin and Dallas, ranked fifth and seventh, respectively, for jobs in this thriving industry. While you may assume that Austin would make the list with its reputation as home to tech startups and major influencers such as Dell and SXSW Interactive, the Dallas tech scene has been showing the potential to soon match and even surpass Austin in the tech arena. Our state’s low cost of living paired with our lack of state income tax make it an attractive place for tech workers to start their career or their business.

If you work in the healthcare industry as a physician, surgeon, technician, dentist, chiropractor, or therapist, your skills are uniformly in demand in pretty much every city, but Texas healthcare practitioners and technicians should consider San Antonio’s growth in the industry. The category grew 9.89 percent, which is impressive when compared with the national average growth of 4.47 percent for all job sectors.

With a booming population comes a greater need for more housing and city infrastructure, so it should come as no surprise that five of the 10 fastest growing cities for construction and extraction jobs are here in Texas. Houston tops the list at No. 1, followed by Fort Worth (No. 3), Austin (No. 7), San Antonio (No. 8), and Dallas (No. 10).

LA and New York lead the country in the arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media category, but Austin appears at No. 6. Austin’s reputation as a mecca for musicians, artists, and entertainers is still backed by job growth in a market that grew a healthy 8.42 percent.

Whether you’re switching industries, starting your career, or simply looking for new opportunities, Texas job hunters have a diverse set of promising industries and growing cities to choose from in 2016.