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Help Dallas police ID thieves shamelessly stealing plants from nursery

Help Dallas police ID thieves shamelessly stealing plants from nursery

Plant thief
Here's their getaway van. Toyota Sienna? Or Ford Windstar. DPD

The Dallas Police Deparment is seeking the public's assistance in identifying a suspect caught on camera stealing plants from a nursery off I-30 in West Dallas.

The theft took place on September 2, at about 1:10 am. The surveillance video can be viewed here.

The suspect is seen stealing multiple plants from the nursery at Lowe's at 1710 Chalk Hill Rd.

He sneaks into a fenced-off area, then takes two large potted plants which he very carelessly throws over the top of the fence. They land on the other side with a bang.

Plants are a living thing. This is not the way to take care of plants. But anyone who would steal plants probably doesn't know that.

He then climbs to the top of the fence and jumps over. That's when you can see that his shirt says "Power to the people."

The police report says that "the suspect is a Black male driving a maroon minivan with mismatched rims, and has committed thefts at this location on multiple occasions."

But a careful observer of the video might spot an accomplice. What appears to be a blond white female wearing purple or blue athletic-style shorts can be seen helping load the plants into the van — which looks like it might be a Toyota Sienna, early 90s era, although it could easily be confused for a Ford Windstar — before she scrambles into the front passenger seat.

It even seems possible she might be the mastermind — especially since the male who is doing the stealing is beaming ear-to-ear the entire time.

The police ask that anyone who knows the identity of the suspect or has any information about this offense contact Detective J. Lewis at 214-671-0635, Case #155994-2020.