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Get your free tree from the city of Dallas and beat climate change

Get your free tree from the city of Dallas and beat climate change

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The city of Dallas is introducing a new program that gives away free trees.

Called Branch Out Dallas, the program provides residents with a tree at no cost for their home.

"Trees provide a long list of benefits to homes and the environment," says James McGuire, director of the Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability. "Trees reduce air pollution, cool the air, provide energy savings, and positively slow climate change."

It's part of a bigger program from the city of Dallas to become more green, says spokesperson Judy Schmidt.

"Other cities have done programs like this and we made a decision we wanted to try it," she says.

Branch Out Dallas involves a three-step process.

Step 1: Participants sign up for a free tree by choosing from a list of five species: Shumard oak, chinquapin oak, cedar elm, lacebark elm, or redbud.

At the same time you sign up, you select your pickup location from one of six options:

  • St. Monica Catholic School
  • W. H. Adamson High School
  • Justin F. Kimball High School
  • Bishop Lynch High School
  • Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy
  • Ann Richards Middle School

Step 2: The trees are ordered by the City of Dallas. This does not involve you in any way.

Step 3: On March 9, 2019, the 5-gallon trees will be given out to Dallas residents, along with directions for planting and maintenance.

A 5-gallon container would hold a tree that's about 5 feet tall, at a cost of about $50 per tree.

The program is limited to Dallas residents. A Dallas Water Utility bill or government-issued identification will be required at the time the trees are picked up.

Based on a small pilot program they did earlier this year, they anticipate that 3,000 trees will be distributed and planted through Branch Out Dallas. Then again, that number could seriously increase, now that this article has been posted. The reach of CultureMap extends far and wide.

Registration begins on November 1 and runs through January 11, 2019. Residents can register online at or they may visit one of the city's libraries for registration assistance.