Light 'Em If You Got 'Em

New lights at Bank of America Plaza mean more glitz for downtown Dallas

New lights at Bank of America Plaza mean more glitz for Dallas

Bank of America Plaza in Downtown Dallas
Bank of America Plaza, right, has been dark for six months, but will soon be returned to its former glory. Photo courtesy of Bank of America Plaza

The downtown Dallas skyline will be brighter than ever when the Bank of America Plaza holds a re-lighting ceremony on Thursday, November 14. The 72-story building located at 901 Main St. is the tallest in Dallas.

Bank of America Plaza has stood out since its opening in 1985 thanks to emerald green argon lights that lined its edges. But its owner, Metropolis Investment Holdings Inc. of Chicago, decided in May 2013 that a variety of interior and exterior upgrades were needed for the nearly 30-year-old building.

Now, instead of gas-filled tubes, the building will feature LED lights that will not only bring back the signature green, but they also will emanate a variety of colors. After a few recent early morning test runs, the building will officially be re-lit at 6:30 pm Thursday with a display to showcase the capabilities of the lights, along with a fireworks show.

The new lights at Bank of America Plaza are the latest in the rainbow-ification of downtown Dallas, joining the likes of the Omni Hotel, Reunion Tower and Hunt Oil Tower.

The ceremony itself is invite only, but because the building is hard to miss, anyone in the immediate vicinity should be able to stake out a spot and catch a free show.