One Mustache To Rule Them All

Show us your best Movember mustache and win big from Hotel ZaZa

Show us your best Movember mustache and win big from Hotel ZaZa

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation
We can't all be Ron Swanson, but we want to see your Movember mustaches all the same.  Photo courtesy of NBC

It’s the middle of November, which means that all of you taking part in Movember are most likely currently sporting a sad excuse of a soup strainer. But that’s okay, because your shame is for a good cause.

The month-long effort to grow a proper crumb catcher is all about bringing in money and awareness for men’s health in a fun, inventive way, which is as good a cause as any.

Here at CultureMap, we are as touched by the issues that Movember seeks to remedy as everyone else. My college roommate, Neil, for example, fought testicular cancer and won. Now he grows a sad mustache every Movember to raise money to help others win their battles.

That’s my reason for contributing to Movember. But we know that you, our readers, are just as impacted either personally or through someone you know, which is why you contribute to the cause. For that reason, we’re putting together a little contest to see how Movember has turned the mustache into the symbol for men’s health.

The rules are simple: We want to see your mustaches. Send in a pic of your mo by 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 24, to Include a link to your Movember account and one or two sentences about why you’re participating.

We’ll sift through all the flavor savors sent in to find the few that really stand out. Our most worthy candidate — as declared by the public — will receive dinner at Dragonfly and one night’s stay at Movember-supporting Hotel ZaZa. We’ll also feature the finalists that we think would give Nick Offerman a run for his money, including linkage to their Movember accounts.

After all, even when there are winners and losers in a contest, everyone involved in Movember is a winner in our book.

May the best mustache win.