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Roots Juices opens Dallas storefront just in time for post-Thanksgiving detox

Roots Juices opens Dallas bar in time for post-Thanksgiving detox

Roots Pressed Juices
Roots Pressed Juices opened its first store in Atlanta. Roots Juices/Facebook

Entrepreneur Brent Rodgers is not just making his own dreams of opening a Roots Juice bar in Dallas come true; he’s quenching our dreams too. After opening a storefront in Atlanta this past July, this juicing machine is set to launch a Roots Juice bar on Oak Lawn Avenue on November 29.

“I had to wait for the perfect spot to open up a store,” Rodgers says. “I wanted something in the middle of Highland Park and Uptown.”

When he spotted the space formerly occupied by Cake Guys, Rodgers jumped on the opportunity to open up shop. Because it already had a commercial kitchen, he says it was easy to make the transition. 

 In addition to bottled juices, Roots will have shots, small raw-food items and smoothies.

“I didn’t have to build a commercial kitchen, like I did in Atlanta, so I spent that money on décor,” he says.

He took the small, outdated space and put in tall windows to bring in natural light. Rodgers also a built a bar for ordering and added a few stools for sitting and sipping.

In addition to bottled juices — and new flavors such as cranberry, orange, persimmon and pineapple; carrot, orange and tumeric; and a seasonal sweet potato, pumpkin and cinnamon — Roots will have shots (such as wheatgrass, ginger and B-12), small raw-food items and smoothies. Think cold blended drinks with chia seeds, raw almond butter, goji berries, avocado and spirulina — but tasty. 

Roots juices are already available in 25 stores throughout Dallas Fort-Worth — including Equinox, Classic Pilates and Flywheel — and because the HP and Uptown crowds are the main target, Rodgers couldn’t have chosen a better location. And his timing is right: The day after Thanksgiving, we will all be in need of a cleanse. 

As for Rodgers' next step, he says a Roots Juices in Houston is currently in the works.  

Roots Juices will be open at 3527 Oak Lawn Ave. on weekdays from 7 am-6 pm and on weekends from 10 am-6 pm.