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Dallas soars in new ranking of best cities for adventure-seeking retirees

Dallas soars in new ranking of cities for adventure-seeking retirees

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Who says you have to slow down after retirement? Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Dallas and Fort Worth fly near the top of a new ranking of the best U.S. cities for travel-obsessed seniors.

Big D lands at No. 3 on the list, compiled by personal finance website SmartAsset, while Cowtown checks in at No. 5. Sandwiched between them, at No. 4, is Houston.

“Dallas and Fort Worth are great options for retirees looking for somewhere affordable, with low taxes on retirement income and access to the wider world,” according to SmartAsset. “Both cities rank in the top 10 for their availability of international flights, domestic flights, and international destinations. Normally, to get that kind of access, you need to move to a more expensive city like Los Angeles or New York.”

Dallas scores well in terms of the number of domestic and international flights available and ranks in the top 10 for unique international destinations. It also shows up in the top 20 for low median housing costs.

Aside from the availability of flights, Fort Worth boasts the lowest senior poverty rate in the U.S. and ranks 19th lowest for property crimes, according to SmartAsset. Those factors mean seniors in Fort Worth “do fairly well,” the website says, and they need not worry about leaving home to go globetrotting.

Houston also fares well in the SmartAsset ranking, thanks, in part, to its attractive housing costs.

“Living in Houston should not limit your traveling options, either. Houston ranks in the top 10 in all of our flight availability metrics,” SmartAsset adds. “However, two problems may hold back travelers in Houston. Flights out of Houston rank on the expensive side, and Houston lacks travel agencies to help plan that dream trip.”

Joining the Texas trio in the top five are Las Vegas (No. 1) and Phoenix (No. 2).