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Dallas-Fort Worth Airport gains a coworking space with standing desks

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport gains a coworking space with standing desks

This is a desk you can stand up to. Photo courtesy of Varidesk

A company known for stand-up desks is making an interesting expansion that will potentially benefit travelers going through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Varidesk, which makes height-adjustable standing desks that are designed to promote a healthier and more productive workspace, installed a free, unique coworking space in at DFW Airport in Terminal C.

The space was installed in 24 hours and features Varidesk groupings of standing desk workstations, casual meeting tables, 75 power hubs for charging, and free WiFi.

There is even a private space featuring movable walls and a conference table for groups to meet and work together.

The space is designed for business travelers to accomplish work quickly and efficiently.

Varidesk marketing rep Sean Scogin notes in a release that business travelers are often "left out of the office workspace equation."

"Our new coworking space at DFW Airport is a great way to make the most of their time at the airport and also gives us a way to showcase our brand by letting customers touch, feel, and experience our active workspaces," he says.

Is calling this a coworking space perhaps taking liberties with the definition of coworking space? Would "marketing tool" be a more accurate label? Maybe. But "coworking" is more hip. (In fact, it's hip enough to warrant posting the release here.)

And there is some value in that they're letting people try out their desks for free. Besides, if people are working in the space alongside other people who are working, then it's coworking, right?

Varidesk's "Active Workspace at DFW Airport" is the first of its kind and the company is looking at adding additional marketing tools coworking spaces in other airports across the country.