Hate Not the Player, but the Game

New poll declares Texas as nation's least favorite state

New poll declares Texas as nation's least favorite state

Texas Star Ferris wheel
Texas was voted least liked state and state most people want to see removed from the Union in a poll by Business Insider. Photo by Elaine Liner

A Business Insider poll asking Americans to give their perceptions of other states has resulted in Texas being voted “least favorite” and the state most pollsters would like to see kicked out of America.

Texas made no friends with out-of-staters and received 11 percent of 1,581 votes for least favorite. A full 21 percent of those polled would like to see Texas removed from the Union. To quote an NBC Page that isn’t with us anymore, “Haters to the left.”

To be fair, we weren’t the only big state to receive the scorn of those that live in the Delawares and Nebraskas of the country. California was declared the most overrated and craziest, while New York was deemed the rudest and most arrogant.

Our neighbors to the east, Louisiana was rated the drunkest — which is either a good or bad thing depending on how awesome you are — while Mississippi was considered the dumbest state.

This might come as a shocker, but the South did not fare particularly well on that question, though they are considered to be nicer than the rest of the country. Business Insider says this might have to do with the rest of the country not quite understanding what “Bless your heart” really means, but hey, at least we’re still kind of nice even when we’re not.

There are also other questions, but they don’t have anything to do with Texas, so they aren’t really worth discussing.