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Apparently it sucks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas

Apparently it sucks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas

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Dallas’ luck has run out in terms of St. Patrick’s Day fun. My Drink On/Facebook

If St. Patrick’s Day is up there on the list of holidays you love to celebrate, then perhaps you should consider doing it in another city. According to WalletHub, Dallas is the fourth worst place in America for St. Patrick’s Day parties.

Dallas ranks No. 97 out of 100. Only San Jose, California; Birmingham, Alabama; and San Bernadino, California were unluckier.

For its findings, WalletHub’s number crunchers looked at metrics within four categories: St. Patrick’s Day traditions, cost, safety and accessibility, and weather. Traditions include parades and festivals as well as number of Irish pubs and restaurants. Cost comprises everything from St. Paddy’s Day party tickets to beer and potatoes (yes, really).

Dallas doesn’t rank in the bottom five for any particular metric, but we are the 10th worst in the overall weather category. Huh.

Fort Worth comes in at No. 80. The best place in Texas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Laredo, apparently, but it only takes the No. 37 slot.

Plano and San Antonio are almost as bad as Dallas, ranking Nos. 89 and 90, respectively. And here we thought Plano won everything!

Even Austin makes a subpar showing, at No. 66. Even scarier, Austin is one of the five worst cities for most DUI-related fatalities per capita. So are Lubbock and Corpus Christi, for that matter. 

So what are the best cities to celebrate this day of green beer and leprechauns? Boston is No. 1, followed by Buffalo, New York; Omaha, Nebraska; and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.