Conan Does Dallas

Conan O'Brien visits Mary Kay and takes jabs at Houston on day 2 in Dallas

Conan visits Mary Kay and takes jabs at Houston on day 2 in Dallas

Seth Rogen on Conan
Seth Rogen on the April 1 episode of Conan at Majestic Theatre in Dallas. Photo courtesy of TBS

The second of four shows of Conan at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas was a little lackluster compared to day one. There were no local celebrities, and the opening monologue failed to entertain save for a fun bit in which the podium where sidekick Andy Richter stands turned into a mechanical bull.

Hands down the highlight of the night was a pre-taped segment showing O'Brien visiting Mary Kay headquarters. Seeing O'Brien alternately crack up and creep out Mary Kay employee Crystal was worth the price of admission alone:

O'Brien made up a song about Dallas using only Wikipedia, which failed to get going until he pandered to the audience with some pointed jabs at Houston:

Seth Rogen was the main guest, and his time was mostly spent extolling the hotness of Zac Efron, his co-star in the upcoming movie Neighbors:

The only recurring bit of the night was shooting baskets via catapult at AT&T Stadium with random items, this time a "newborn baby" and Willie Nelson's back taxes, a joke that's almost a quarter of a century old:

Here's hoping for a higher quality day three when The Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg and Denton's own Eli Young Band appear.