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Influential '80s band Echo & The Bunnymen bring on a Dallas stop in new tour

Influential '80s band Echo & The Bunnymen bring on a new Dallas show

Ian McCulloch  Echo & The Bunnymen
Lead singer Ian McCulloch hits Dallas with the band this August. Echo & The Bunnymen/Facebook

In yet another jolt to Gen-Xers’ “it’s been how long!?” sensibilities, one of the most influential bands in modern British music history has just announced a North American tour celebrating 40 — yes, 40 — years.

Innovative pop-New Wave act Echo & The Bunnymen will visit three Texas cities during the tour, including Dallas’ House of Blues on Friday, August 19. They'll also hit up Houston at House of Blues on Wednesday, August 17 and Austin’s Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater on Tuesday, August 20.

Tickets for the 2022 North American tour will be available at 10 am Friday, May 20 online.

Fans can expect at least 20 of the Bunnymen’s top-20 hits, such as “The Killing Moon,” “Lips like Sugar,” “Bring On the Dancing Horses,” “Never Stop,” “Seven Seas,” and “Nothing Lasts Forever.” The band also boasts nine, seminal, top-20 albums, including Crocodiles, Heaven Up Here, Porcupine, and Ocean Rain — all of which have served as inspiration and foundations for modern acts such as Coldplay (who covered “Lips Like Sugar,”), The Killers, Hole, and The Flaming Lips.

Led by lead singer Ian McCulloch (no, he’s not “Echo”) and his gravity-defying hair and Bowie-esque crooning, Echo & The Bunnymen were smart, stylish leaders of the ’80s post-punk movement, crafting irresistibly catchy hooks and instrumentation.

Singles such as the poppy, anthemic “Bring On the Dancing Horses” were perfectly defining matches in 1980s teen movies such as Pretty in Pink, while the moodily upbeat “The Killing Moon” is widely considered the band’s biggest hit.

Most recently, the band dropped the album The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon in 2018, with Q Magazine anointing the release as “magical.”

“I can’t wait for this upcoming tour of America and Toronto,” said McCulloch in a statement. “It will be a continuation of the U.K. tour we did in February/March of this year which was my favourite ever tour, and talking to fans and friends after shows and reading loads of brilliant comments from Bunnymen and Bunnywomen, all saying pretty much what I was feeling … that some new magical ingredient had been added to the starlight and the moonbeams and the angels and the devils that live inside the songs.”