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Glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course with spooky monsters debuts in Frisco

Glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course with monsters debuts in Frisco

Monster Mini Golf
It's a little bit miniature golf, a little bit haunted house. Photo by Monster Mini Golf

If you agree that black light makes everything better, then you'll want to put Monster Mini Golf on your list. This newly opened indoor miniature golf course in Frisco is a cool indoor 18-hole miniature golf course with a monster theme that also glows in the dark.

The venue is all ages, with courses that are considered sufficiently challenging for adults but also playable for kids. Owners Brian and Holly Hernandez call it the coolest mini golf ever, "like miniature golf on steroids."

In addition to miniature golf, there is an arcade with videogames, and mini bowling played with softball-size balls so that kids can participate.

There's also a virtual reality roller coaster ride and a "laser maze" — a room with lasers that you climb under or over to dodge the beams and score points.

Monster Mini Golf was founded in Rhode Island in 2004 by Christina Vitagliano, an entrepreneur who also works with Gene Simmons of KISS. There are now 30 franchised locations across the U.S., in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Florida, and more including a KISS-themed location in Las Vegas.

Frisco is the third location in Texas; there are already locations in San Antonio and Round Rock, and a fourth will open in Humble, near Houston, later this year.

All locations feature glow-in-the-dark settings with fluorescent golf balls and monsters, some of which are animatronic. But each boasts a design that's unique to its location, says Frisco owner Holly Hernandez.

"Every location has a cool monster décor with custom and animated props, and all locations are unique and custom designed," she says. "Our location focuses on classic monsters like Frankenstein and Wolfman, along with local landmarks. For example, we have the famous Frisco water tower with Wolfman on top, howling at the moon."

"The company has a wondeful group of artists that have decorated all of the locations," she says. "They paint day-glo art on walls, and it's all free-hand."

The couple moved to Texas from San Diego a few years ago and saw that there was a gap in the market for entertainment like this. They're pretty focused on the amusement part and don't serve food or alcohol, although they're not ruling out snacks in the future.

"We just want to be a place where you can come to have a good time and make memories," she says. "We are a Frisco family, and saw that Frisco was lacking affordable indoor entertainment, so we decided to quit our day jobs and bring this to the area."

They're located at 2595 Preston Rd., in what used to be a patio furniture store. It took them more than a year to open, compounded by the coronavirus delays. They're taking the usual precautions which include cleaning equipment between use and requiring that masks be worn.

Miniature golf is currently having a moment, with recent openings in the DFW area, but Hernandez says that's not their competition.

"We like to think our competition is movie theaters," she says. "We keep our prices at or below what they charge for a movie, but you can come here and ineract and laugh with family and friends instead of sitting and staring at a screen."