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Latest crazy new thing for Deep Ellum: a horror museum-chocolate bar

Latest crazy new thing for Deep Ellum: a horror museum-chocolate bar

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween
The museum will feature memorabilia from classic horror flicks like Halloween. Courtesy photo

UPDATE 9/30/2019: The Horror Museum's Facebook page has been reinstated.

UPDATE 9/29/2019: The Horror Museum's Facebook page was removed and the facility appears to be closed.

UPDATE 9/27/2019: According to spokesperson Jessica "Javi" Nelson, The Horror Museum celebrates its grand opening on September 27. The museum will be open on weekends only, Friday-Sunday, from 5 pm-2 am. Tickets are $23 and can be purchased online, under "Horror Museum," at Ticketleap.

NOTE: On opening weekend, the museum does not have an anger room nor a chocolate snack bar as described in the story below.


Deep Ellum's ever-expanding lineup of things to do and places to go is about to get something it does not already have: the Horror Museum & Chocolate Bar, a museum dedicated to horror, with a serving of chocolate on the side.

The museum will open at 3408 Main St., where it will combine horror memorabilia with a chocolate bar.

Spokesperson Jessica Nelson says that the museum's founder, whom she identifies as Jay Walker, has a passion for horror movies and wanted to create a place dedicated to his favorite flicks.

"We'll spotlight horror movie classics like Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre," Nelson says. "We'll have memorabilia and collectibles, as well as objects and characters that have been fabricated, like Hannibal Lecter."

It'll take some of the interactive elements that have been popularized in recent pop-up exhibits like Sweet Tooth Hotel, but will be a permanent installation, and with the horror theme — sort of a Silence of the Lambs-meets-Candytopia.

The idea is not unprecedented; a horror-themed pop-up exhibit called I Like Scary Movies popped up in Los Angeles in the spring.

For the Dallas version, a horror museum on its own just isn't enough, and the museum will also have a snack bar with an all-chocolate theme.

"There'll be a chocolate bar that's entirely chocolate desserts," she says. "Chocolate cakes, ice cream, milkshakes, chocolate fondue, and they'll have spooky names like Death By Chocolate."

A chocolate bar serves as a way to round out the experience, she says.

"We just thought, 'Why don't we have chocolate desserts where people can go in and enjoy the moment?'" she says.

If you think that a horror museum combined with a chocolate bar would be enough, you would be wrong. There's yet one more element to this concept: The space will also house an anger room.

"We'll provide plates and you can throw them," Nelson says. "Throwing plates is a surprisingly good way to take out your anger."

They're doing construction now and aim to be open in September, maybe even by Labor Day, but definitely by Halloween.

So to recap: a horror museum-combination chocolate bar-combination-anger room. "We want people to enjoy the interactivity but also to offer something that no one else has," she says.