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Episode of 60 Minutes focuses on Texas Ranger's serial killer pursuit

Episode of 60 Minutes focuses on Texas Ranger's serial killer pursuit

Samuel Little
One of the victims was found as a result of Little's sketch. Lubbock PD

A Texas Ranger named James Holland trying to bring closure on a serial killer case will be featured in an episode of 60 Minutes on October 6.

Holland, who is based in Decatur, Texas, was able to persuade notorious serial killer Samuel Little to admit he strangled 93 women, mostly prostitutes, over the course of many decades.

Little is in prison, and has the creepy distinction of being possibly the most prolific serial killer in history.

He wouldn't be worth a word in print were it not for Holland's mission to identify all of the 93 women Little says he murdered, while the 79-year-old remains alive and continues to cooperate.

Information that Holland has gathered so far has led to 50 cold case murders being solved. Resolving the rest would bring closure and possibly exonerate innocent people who may have been wrongly convicted for the murders.

Holland had previously never spoken about the case, although he did just talk to the Los Angeles Times.

Claire St. Amant, a former editor for CultureMap who is one of the producers of the episode, says that Holland is seeking the public's help.

"He told me, 'I'm breaking my long-standing rule for this one,'" St. Amant says. "He's trying to match up these cases and hopes that putting his story out in public will help solve them."

One useful if still creepy thing that Little has done is drawings of all of his victims, which have been used to match up with unidentified victims.

"People who know the remaining victims might see it and say, 'I think that’s my aunt,'" St. Amant says.